What We Treat

    • Headache
    • Back Pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Disc Injury
    • Sciatica
    • Pinched Nerve
    • Whiplash
    • Scoliosis
    • Ear Infection
    • Colics
    • Pregnancy

Testimonials, [Symptoms]

"I went to Dr. Marie for pain in my left shoulder, loss of motion, tight neck and shoulder muscles and low back aches and pains. I previously had x-rays done, MRI, physical therapy, Cortisone injections, OTC drugs for pain and discomfort, exercise and massage. I had tried it all!

Dr. Marie’s care helped me and improved my life by 90% overall. She brought back the range of motion in my shoulder, helped with my low back pain, I sleep better, and most of all she’s there when I need her. Compared to the other chiropractors I’ve visited before, Dr. Marie explains what she’s going to do and most of all listens to my thoughts and answers questions so I can understand and feel confident in what she’s doing and why. Her staff is warm and friendly. I would definitely recommend my family and friends to go see her. She is warm, caring, and patient and knows what you need. She is open to hearing your thoughts and makes sure you understand what chiropractic is and how it can help… I am so happy I’ve found her!"

Beth Strege - 05/2019


"I went to see Dr. Marie because I had low back pain from lifting up a box at work. The pain was so sharp. I had tried going to the ER and all they did was giving me Ibyprofen and muscle relaxers and tell me to “see a surgeon if not better in 6 weeks”. Since under her care, Dr. Marie has been amazing! I feared going to a chiropractor all my life. She was strongly recommended by my boss. I came and she has really shown me that she can help. I feel amazing! Dr. Marie has such compassion. She really cares about her patients. She listens and is very gentle. She is very educated in her field and she makes you feel like part of the “family”. She explains everything and why she would like to do the things she does. I no longer fear chiropractic care. She has helped me so much! I feel more and more myself with almost no pain left. I would recommend everyone to go see Dr. Marie. You have nothing to fear. She is gentle and really heals what is wrong with you. No medications, just adjustments and advises on how to take the pain away while continuing to live your life as normal as possible."

Katrina Ritchie - 10/2019


“I started Bringing Aubrey to Dr. Marie when she was one month old. She was having a lot of issues with constipation. We saw results almost immediately! Her pediatrician told us to use prune juice. I didn’t feel comfortable with that though. It only temporarily worked and seemed to make her more uncomfortable. At our consultation appointment, Dr. Marie examined her and explained what was going on. Being treated by a chiropractor myself, I have learned why adjustments help so much. She is so patient with Aubrey. Babies don’t get adjusted like adults do. She uses gentle pressure with her fingers. That’s all! Aubrey is such a happy baby now, which wasn’t the case before we started bringing her. She even developed reflux at 3 months and Dr. Marie has gotten that under control as well! It’s amazing and I recommend this to all new moms that are dealing with a fussy baby. We are so thankful to have found Dr. Marie!”


Stacy V. - 03/30/2019



“I started care with Dr. Marie because of muscle pain in the mid and lower back; neck pain and difficulty rotating my head from side to side; numbness in all fingers. Since being under care with Dr. Marie I am experiencing significantly less pain in all areas; more mobility and flexibility and to my surprise the neuropathy in my feet appears to be improving. It has pleased me to receive detailed information that is real and not false expectations. Dr. Marie and Annette are always pleasant and willing to help. The expectation has been above good and the treatment is improving my quality of like.”


Gordon B. - 01/08/2018


"Through the years with my jobs I’ve been banged up some. Most recently was a 15’ fall from grain tank. Nothing was broken, just dislocated rib and a lot of tenderness. After one month of adjustments [from Dr. Marie] I’m feeling great. Almost pain free in one month! I feel I can do things I didn’t want to do before because of the discomfort. For whatever reason the adjustments [from Dr. Marie] seem to stay in place longer, giving longer relief than with previous chiropractor.

I already have recommended Dr. Marie’s care and will continue to."

Mark T. - 11/07/17


“Before coming to Dr. Marie I had been experiencing migraines for as long as I could remember. Just recently, the frequency and duration of headaches began to increase. Due to my pain and discomfort, something had to be done!
Prior to receiving treatment at Hobart Family Chiropractic, I had been to medical doctors, received an MRI, tried many over-the-counter and prescription medications, and visited an eye doctor to verify my headaches weren’t from vision issues.

My condition improved almost immediately under the care of Dr. Marie! I felt relief and less tension in my lower head, neck and shoulders after my first adjustment. I no longer have to fear missing out of activities because of my chronic headaches and migraines! I am extremely pleased by how early in my treatment that I was able to feel relief.
I was very hesitant to receive chiropractic services as the sound of bones cracking and popping makes my palms sweat. Dr. Marie is so sincere and personable. She makes me feel very comfortable when I am there. I even look forward to my adjustments now!

I would highly recommend family and friends to Dr. Marie! She is very knowledgeable and makes me feel welcome and comfortable each time I am there.”


Brooke S. - 07/22/2017


"Before coming to Dr. Marie, my daughter (14yo) has suffered from constipation since she was small and it became progressively worse, along with developing into acid reflux, gas/bloating, and back pain. She would go days without a bower movement. We were to medical doctor after medical doctor, to specialists, and  were given the same treatment: laxatives or Miralax to relieve symptoms, and diet.


After one month of Dr. Marie's treatments, my daughter is now having daily bowel  movements, little to non at times gas and bloating, and no acid reflux. If it weren't for Dr Marie, my daughter would have been subjected to invasive medical procedures (which were the next course of actions suggested by the medical doctor, i.e. colonoscopy and endoscopy). I love the natural approach to curing and caring for a patient and not just prescribing meds to mask the problem or for a quick fix to relieve symptoms. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Marie, and I already have!"


Darlene M.  - 04/25/2016


"I came to Dr. Marie when I was 20 weeks pregnant. I heard that chiropractic care was a safe way to deal with all the pains pregnancy comes with. I had hip pain, pelvis pain, upper back pain, and even neck pain. I had tried ice packs and heating pads on the places that were sore, with no luck. Dr. Marie has made all that pain disappear. I no longer have hip pain even into my last trimester. I had talked to Dr. Marie about a pinching in my upper back with pain going into my jaw. With one adjustment the pains was gone.


What has pleased me most is that Dr. Marie was very helpful and informative of what she will be doing to help with my pains. What sets her apart is that she offers the Webster technique for pregnant women. I would definitely recommend Dr. Marie to family and Friends. She has helped me all through my pregnancy and I plan to bring my son to her once he is born. This has been the best decision to come to Dr. Marie in my pregnancy."


Brittany B. - 04/20/2016


"I started Experiencing Lower back pain early in my pregnancy, causing me to wake up several times per night. After just a couple of weeks of treatments, the pain started going away. After only a month, I was pain free again, allowing me to rest better. Dr. Marie's care made me so much more comfortable! I am so Thankful I found Dr. Marie. She knows how to work with pregnant patients in a way that is safe, gentle, and effective!"


Broke D.  - 04/08/2016


"The reason for my visit at Hobart Family Chiropractic was because my 2 months old daughter would not have a bowel movement on her own. She wouldn't let me put her on her stomach or back, she would always need to be held, be extremely fussy and hard to calm down, and wouldn't sleep. At first we tried corn syrup in water, which is what her pediatrician told me to do. When that didn't work, we went to the GI where he told us to try prune juice in the morning and at night. Since that didn't work, I tried changing my diet and had to go to out last resort: Pedialax.
Since I have been bringing Addisyn to Dr. Marie, She has been a complete different baby. She has been a lot happier, sleeps longer at night, keeps herself occupied, and finally has bowel movements on her own. I was pleased about everything!

Dr. Marie examines her patients to make sure that chiropractic could be beneficial and help with what is wrong. What sets her apart from others is that she shows her patients how much she cares. I would definitely recommend Hobart Family Chiropractic to family and friends. I would tell them I am happy (extremely happy) with the results and I wish I would have done it sooner!"

Stacee J. - 12/03/2015

"I seek chiropractic care at Hobart Family Chiropractic for my 2 months old daughter because she was inconsolable for 3-5 hours every night since she was born. We tried gas drops, Zantacs and regular baby soothing techniques before trying chiropractic. Since being under care with Dr. Marie, Mylo is now a calmer, relaxed baby. She no longer screams for hours at a time. Dr. Marie gave us results! She is also very patient and I feel comfortable with her because she is certified for pediatric care. Dr. Marie is wonderful and because of her Mylo seems much happier."


Katie M.  - 11/14/2015


“I had a lot of lower and upper back pain. I also had sciatic pain, knee pain and neck pain. I thought I was going to have to leave my job. I was on pain pills for over 3 years. I was in so much pain every day, I just wanted to give up. I had been to several doctors who put me on pain pills. I had been under the care of another chiropractor for 2 years.
After only a few months [of treatment], I now have a life! I have more good days then bad days. I have taken only 2 pain pills in the past month instead of everyday. I can do dishes and clean again. I can enjoy my pets and my kids again. I can finally enjoy life again.

[Dr. Marie] listens to me and respects what I have to say about how I feel. I have recommended friends. I told them after 2 long years with no hope; I now have light at the end of the tunnel with almost no pills.”

Colleen S. - 12/08/2014


"Dr. Marie is great! Since I have been seeing Dr. Marie, She has completely taken away the severe arthritis pain I have suffered for more than 20 years due to a car accident. I have tried many things over the years but nothing seemed to work. I am truly amazed at how I am now pain free due to chiropractic treatment. It has been a blessing, thanks so much to Dr. Marie."

Sonya S. - 01/08/14

"My initial visit was directed toward my lower back. I’ve had issues for years with my lower back and more recently in the last couple years, problems down my sciatic nerve and achy legs, and extremely severe pain in my lower back. I’ve had many doctor visits, ER visits, and physical therapy and have never been able to quite understand what was wrong with me. Seeing and meeting Dr.Marie has widely improved my understanding of a lot of issues that I’ve been experiencing. She takes the time to explain everything and has lifted my spirits and given me hope. I feel Dr. Marie could play a big part in my recovery and improvement in my everyday life. She opened my eyes and I feel she helped me more than any doctor I’ve seen in the past. I would encourage anyone with any type of health issues to come see her, she may surprise you!"

Crystal C. - 01/02/14

"When I was pregnant with my son at 26 weeks, baby was breeched. I was worried he would stay breeched. At my 30th appointment he was still in the same position. I mentioned it to Dr. Marie. By two chiropractic sessions he happily flipped. Yayy!!! Ultrasound at 36 weeks confirmed he stayed head down. I then went to deliver vaginally. I can only thank chiropractic and Dr. Marie.


My first born son (age 51/2) has 4 sets of tubes plus a surgery because of ear infections. I started taking him with me. He has now not had an ear infection for 5+ months, longest period without an ear infection since the age of 7 months old.


Thank you Dr. Marie for changing our lives!"

Jennifer Retel - 12/20/13


"I’ve been an avid middle distance runner for years, so I’ve dealt with my share of aches and pains. But last year I experienced lower back and hip pain that really slowed me down. I figure it was just muscular strain and age catching up to me, but the pain did not subside after taking some time off from running. Examination and x-rays showed that I had some severe spinal and hip alignment issues. So I went through several months of treatment with Dr. Marie and I am still amazed at the results! She cured my back and hip pain, and she even relieved the shoulder and neck stiffness that had become “normal” to me. This past summer I set a new personal record in the Bellin 10K fun, and I also placed first for my age class in several other races. I was so impressed with my treatment results that I took my 15 years old daughter to see Dr. Marie also.Dr. Marie has helped relieve her back and neck pains.

Dr. Marie is a very knowledgeable chiropractor and she is a very kind and caring person. If you are experiencing any type of body aches, pain or stiffness, I highly recommend you see Dr. Marie and try her chiropractic care."


Scott K. - 12/20/13


"Dr. Marie is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care. I’ve been to other chiropractors and she is by far the most attentive to my concerns and willing to explore many options for returning me to a healthy level of functioning.
I also appreciate her gentle approach which allows me to relax more fully, making adjustments much easier.


I used to be “on guard” with rougher chiropractors, which made adjusting me far more stressful and difficult. Dr. Marie’s firm, but gentle adjustments have worked wonders for me."


Bonnie N.  - 12/6/13


"For many months I had severe lower back pain. Probably a lingering result from a major stairway fall approximately 18 months prior. Pain was so acute I could not carry my 12 month-old grandson. Going up and down stairs was extremely difficult. Back pain even interrupted my sleep. I medicated only with acetaminophen (Tylenol)…no relief. Based on prior positive results on other ‘structural’ issues, I decided to try chiropractic again. Dr. Marie examined my back, took an X-ray and provided an initial treatment on the first visit. Following her treatment plan, my pain quickly subsided and was completely gone in 6 weeks. I can now carry my grandson up and down stairs. And, that’s a great feeling. Thanks, Dr. Marie."

Dean R. - 9/10/2013

"Having suffered with shoulder pain, loss of strength and mobility in my right arm I was ready to agree to try surgery to relieve he pressure of the nerve in the shoulder. Unexpectedly meeting Healthy Living at a public event, I was given the opportunity to try chiropractic care for a reasonable fee. After seeing X-rays of my neck and back, I could see what poor shape I was in. After only two treatments, the pain was gone. After two months re X-rays showed how much my neck alignment had improved. At 55, I was ready to give up hope, that I would be able to do the things I wanted to because of the pain. Healthy Living has changed that for me."

Mark K. - 8/15/201

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